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Where are our seed bombs produced?

All seed bombs are handmade in Gower, South Wales


What are seed bombs made from?

Seed bombs are made with red clay,  creating a hard shell giving protection for the seeds until the conditions are right for them to germinate, peat free compost providing nutrients for growth and sustainably sourced seeds. Water to combine mix into seed bombs


Where can you plant seed bombs?

Seed bombs grow best in sunny positions on cleared soil (weed free areas) Suitable for Pots, borders etc.  they need cleared, weed free areas without stronger species preventing which may prevent germination.


What is the coverage?

Plant approx 10cm apart, 20 bombs cover approx 7 square foot.


Do they need be planted in sun or shade?

They need a sunny position. They do not grow well in the shade


Do they need watering?

Yes when 1st planting water them, then water during dry periods. Otherwise they can be left alone and will germinate at their own pace.


Can they be taken abroad as a present?

No, they should not be taken outside the uk.


What seeds do they contain?

Please see the description section for each of our products in the shop section.  


When should they be planted?

Anytime of year, autumn and spring are the optimum times.


Should they be planted in soil or scattered on top of soil?

Either way works well.


How long do they last before planting?

Store in cool, dry conditions. Use within approx 2 years of purchase.


All our seed bombs come with tip sheet which gives lots of information about planting and ongoing care.

Do you offer Gift Cards?

Yes we do offer e-Gift cards.  We know some people can be really difficult to buy something special for!  By giving a gift card the recipient can choose their own perfect gift from our website please click on the link below for further details.

What payment options are available?

We accept most credit and debit cards as well as paypal.  

What is our return policy?

Please see the delivery and returns section

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